Tenant Maintenance Obligations

Tenants have two primary obligations:  (1) paying the rent in full and on time, and (2) taking good care of the property.  By signing the lease agreement, you are legally responsible for both.

Indoor Maintenance

Tenants are responsible for:
  • general cleaning, including appliances
  • trash removal
  • replacing light bulbs
  • replacing smoke alarms if they stop working during tenancy
  • replacing furnace filters  (furnace filters should be replaced regularly for most efficient operation)
Tenants are responsible for any damage that is caused by themselves or their guests, either through misuse or negligence.

Outdoor Maintenance

Tenants are responsible for:
  • all sidewalk and driveway snow and ice removal
Tenants are responsible for yard maintenance, including:
  • weeding
  • watering plants
  • mowing grass (if any)
  • minor pruning
  • keeping the yard clear of debris or junk
We periodically inspect yards.  If the yard is not being properly cared for we will hire a service to do the required maintenance and bill the tenants.
Any long-term damage caused by the tenant (such as dead plants or ruts in the lawn) will be the financial responsibility of the tenant.
If you have any questions after reviewing the terms of your lease agreement, please feel free to contact us.